Are there German brokers for binary options?

Today, options can be purchased easily over the World Wide Web. But five years ago this was not yet to be considered. At this time, investors go his response had to personally go to their bank of trust to enter the trade through a banker. In the meantime, however, the technology has advanced so far that this path is no longer required.

Since the trading of binary options is also possible for private investors, the growth rates of the brokers are increasing rapidly. They are like sand at the sea and just beginners often lose the orientation and do not know which broker they can ultimately trust. first source It is obvious that newcomers face different questions:

There are currently over 100 brokers, of which around 30 offer German support. A broker with head office in Germany, however, is currently not available. However, if you take a closer look, you will quickly find that out you could check here most brokers have their head offices in Cyprus. This is very beneficial for companies, as little corporate taxation is involved, and Cyprus is part of the European Union, so companies can offer their services without problems throughout the European Union.

However, some brokers run an office in Germany and offer a German support. When selecting the right broker, companies should be avoided, which offer opaque internet pages - possibly in faulty German language - or only English-speaking support if the English language is not previous see powerful.

More than half of the brokers are now regulated. This regulation is subject to different obligations. For example, brokers need to place the funds paid by investors on a fiduciary account, so that in case of insolvency these funds are not counted as insolvency. In addition, brokers are regularly monitored and prompted to submit various reports.

In Germany, this regulation is taken over by BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungen). It should be noted, however, that BaFin now look at this site is not responsible for brokers who are headquartered outside Germany. The state-owned supervisory authority, CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), is responsible for Cyprus-based brokers.

The regulatory authorities responsible for the US like this are as follows:

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  • FINRA - Regulatory Authority of the Financial Industry
  • NFA - National Futures Association
  • SEC - Exchange Regulatory Authority for Securities Trading Control
  • SIP - Securities Investor Protection Corporation
  • FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

As a rule, all regulated brokers are listed on a visit this site the respective websites of the authority.

What are the alternatives?

German banks offer, among other things, The following alternatives:

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